30 something women dating 20 something

23-Dec-2017 03:19

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Finding someone you feel a spark with is sometimes more important than compatibility when you’re young.

In your 30s looks might be a consideration, but you are more likely to be drawn to qualities you know make you a better person.

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I'm not sure whether we have any single African-American women in this forum. The nightlife scene is pretty good here though, I don't think you'll have a problem if you come to Houston!

Now, you are more likely looking for someone with similar goals so your relationship can get you somewhere.

You still love it when your significant other is passionate about the same things, but what’s really crucial in a relationship is a common drive and outlook.

You have to get out and explore to the city and pick a scene you like.

Us dudes make it easier for you women since we tend to make the first move Being a white male I can't speak personally but my African-American wife had a yahoo-personals account before she met me there and had an average of 50 or so replies to her ad and picture a day. She told me months after we met (I was one of those replying to the ad!

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In your 30s, a love interest who know how to treat you this nicely for years might as well be solid gold.

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A hot significant other is delightful, but it is no indication of character.

When dating in your 30s, however, having all the same interests is less important. And when I say 'almost-30,' I mean anywhere within 2 years away from turning 30.