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Then there’s the perfectly faded paint job of one character’s vintage Corvette.Not much has to be done to establish the guy’s down-on-his-luck status, not when the formerly glorious, now-tired red of the car’s exterior says so much about the small humiliations and disappointing setbacks that have accrued in his paunchy middle age.The fifth and final season of The New Adventures of Old Christine premiered on September 23, 2009 and concluded on May 12, 2010. In this season, following Barb's arrest she is rescued by Christine, Matthew and new boyfriend Dave.While Richard tries to win New Christine back, he temporarily moves into a new apartment with Matthew.

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Christine starts dating an older man who she later discovers is New Christine's father, this situation causes Richard and New Christine to rekindle their romance once again.Barb decides to start working at the gym with Christine, while Christine falls hard for Richie's new teacher, Mr. The season finale included Richard sleeping with Christine after breaking up with New Christine yet again.