Stone implements dating from 9000 to 2400bc

11-Sep-2017 22:10

This picture (below) dates from July 2013 and shows a carved flint blade dating back 1.4 million years.

It was discovered in the Elephant Chasm in the Atapuerca site, near Burgos in Spain.

New evidence of Iron technology in India from about 1800 BC 02-12-11 From Wikipedia Earlier than 200,000 BC Homo ergaster: is an extinct species (or subspecies) of hominid that lived in eastern and southern Africa from the end of the Pliocene epoch to the early Pleistocene, about 1.8-1.3 million years ago.

There is still disagreement on the subject of the classification, ancestry, and progeny of .

It is difficult for the untrained eye to identify these tools made of broken rock, but the reality is that they were used for more than two million years (running from ca.

stone implements dating from 9000 to 2400bc-74

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stone implements dating from 9000 to 2400bc-28

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3.9 to 4.1 billion years ago: Life (cyanobacteria) begins.

It is also interesting to note that there is something called HACNS1, a gene enhancer, that is thought to have contributed to the evolution of the human thumb, ankle and foot, and it is also known to have undergone the most change during human evolution.

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