Big intimidating dogs

31-Oct-2017 22:36

The best guard dogs breeds are still top of the list for deterring burglars, even in the age of lasers and closed circuit television.

Burglars hate them, and even career criminals think twice before entering premises patrolled by suitably fierce dogs. A big, powerful dog is a formidable adversary, and invariably equipped with a set of serious teeth.

Ideally, your guard dog will chase people off without the need to cause bodily harm to the offender.

However, there may be cases when a guard dog attacks an intruder who poses a major threat.

These traits can be developed through training to make the dog an excellent guard dog.

If you are considering getting a guard dog, there are plenty of dogs out there who are up for the job.The very best guard dogs are capable of independent thought, and they protect the people they serve out of a sense of loyalty and affection for them.A good guard dog thinks its way through any dangerous situation, listens to its owner's commands and only uses the necessary strength and aggression needed to deter or subdue an intruder.Its bark may be even more of a deterrent than its bite, as all thieves like to work undisturbed.

And you are unlikely to have to worry about dog theft prevention.

Remarkably, the best guard do breeds have an instinctive understanding of the terms of their employment and most also make fine family pets.

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