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The reported this week that John Hoatson's fascination with Diana began when he was 8 years old, when his mother woke him early in the morning on July 29, 1981, telling him there was something he need to see "for historical purposes".

Hoatson watched the wedding along with an estimated 750 million others around the world, and says he fell in love with Diana that day. I sent the cake to England and the box was signed by two of her bridesmaids, India Hicks and Clemmie Hambro, who was of course her littlest bridesmaid at 5 years old."Hoatson says he is regularly asked if he has sampled the slice of cake, but hasn't been tempted.

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Fontmell Down was bought in memory of English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy, to protect the landscape in which his novels of the Blackmore Vale are set.But the thing about petty reasons is that they often can’t be explained - as one person made clear when they said that a “weird gum to tooth ratio” was reason enough not to go on a second date.

Changes during accommodation: (A), contraction of ciliary muscles; (B), approximation of ciliary muscles to lens; (C), relaxation of suspensory ligament; (D), increased curvature of anterior surface of lens.4 (in sociology) the reciprocal reconciliation of conflicts between individuals or groups concerning habits and customs, usually through a process of compromise, arbitration, or negotiation. Occupational medicine The changes made by a person or organisation to a workplace to allow a person with disabilities to work there.… continue reading »

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