Accommodating elderly workplace

19-Sep-2017 08:53

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Offered below are examples of accommodations that have been made for qualified workers with disabilities.These are samples only and are not necessarily the only possible solutions to the problems.While some of these “tools” or the job accommodations they require may be different from those traditionally used to do a job, they accomplish the same end—they help qualified employees to do the best jobs they can.

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These could include scheduling, physical space adaptations, the use of interpreters or personal-care attendants, and performing the work differently.In July 2007, the senior partner at ZRV sent an e-mail to Mr. The Tribunal found that the strict attendance policy requiring Mr.Devaney to work at the office did have an adverse impact on him as a result of his status as a caregiver for his elderly mother. We begin our discussion with the following basic demographic fact: Canada has an aging population.

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Indeed, the population of those over the age of 65 has surged to nearly five million over the past five years (an increase of 14.1 percent).Accommodations Get the Job done Accommodations are developed on an individual basis and in a partnership between the person with the disability and the employer.

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