Relaxed phylogenies and dating with confidence

01-Oct-2017 13:13

BEAST is a cross-platform program for Bayesian analysis of molecular sequences using MCMC.It is entirely orientated towards rooted, time-measured phylogenies inferred using strict or relaxed molecular clock models.Mitochondrial 12S r RNA results, however, found moderate support for an Ailurops and Strigocuscus celebensis clade and placed A. Relaxed molecular-dating methods suggest a date of 23–29 million years for the split between Trichosurini and the remaining phalangerids and 19–24 million years for the split between Ailurops Strigocuscus celebensis and Phalangerini.

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Local-clock methods permit different molecular clocks in different parts of the phylogenetic tree, thereby retaining the advantages of the classical molecular clock while casting off the restrictive assumption of a single, global rate of substitution (Rambaut and Bromham 1998; Yoder and Yang 2000).We also provide dates for all major angiosperm clades (including 45 orders and 335 families [208 stem group age only, 127 both stem and crown group ages], sensu APG III).Our analyses provide a new comprehensive source of reference dates for major angiosperm clades that we hope will be of broad utility.Angiosperms are a diverse and species-rich clade of green plants, with the number of described species ranging from 250000 (Wilson, 1992) or 260000 (Takhtajan, 1997; see also Thorne, 2002; Scotland and Wortley, 2003) to perhaps 400000 (Raven in Jarvis, 2007).

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Flowering plants are also ecologically diverse and are found in every terrestrial habitat, as well as both fresh and saltwater habitats.

In ‘The Biology of Australian Possums and Gliders’.