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star married London Elise Moore Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles.

According to Instagram posts featuring the #Say Yes To The Kress, the couple exchanged vows outdoors before celebrating with family, friends and a few familiar faces at a reception."Heading to @nathankress's wedding," Kress' former co-star Miranda Cosgrove wrote on Instagram on Sunday afternoon.

Very introverted and even a bit of an intellectual. It was the upper west side of NYC in the 90s, and it was teeming with soap actors and broadway actors.

But I remember it because I watched the Llanview program at the time and recognized NF from there.

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And yes, you could call this wedding a successful Both the bride and groom have been expressing their excitement about getting married on their social media accounts for several weeks now.On May 12, 2016, it was announced that despite some cast members signing one-year contracts for a potential ninth season, the show was canceled.Richard Castle (Fillion) is a famous mystery novelist.He is intrigued by Kate Beckett (Katic), the detective assigned to the case.

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, their digital series about a sci-fi actor’s adventures on the convention circuit — Fillion questioned if there was any way to have a “proper send-off” (versus down-to-the-wire cancellation) for a series, after eight years.

They always have him in a collared shirt and he really doesn't have much of a neck so the shirts make him seem fatter. Someone who claimed to know him posted here a few years ago and stated that he's straight, but weird. Men with his body type tend to gain weight in the ass easily, so it's probably a good thing they hide his once-promising posterior now - I bet it's big and round and not in a good way. I've never watched the show but I checked it out after reading this thread. I like my men on the bigger side but his face doesn't look good.