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[ It's little low budget Indies like this that make going to the movies a genuine joy.

Alex Holbridge has crafted a sad & funny tale of lonely people on what is probably the worst holiday for them (New Years Eve).

The size and shape of the state plates were not constant, varying from one jurisdiction to the next. government came to an agreement with the Automobile Manufacturers Association that fixed the size for license plates for automobiles at six inches by twelve inches with standardized mounting holes, and set a 6-digit registration number format.

When an owner registered a vehicle in a new state, they’d have to drill new holes to support the new plate, effectively turning their bumpers into Swiss cheese. In 1982, California plates were made white with blue lettering, and an optional sun graphic was added behind the state name.

Luckily, the DMV sensed our plate-boredom, and has begun taking pre-orders for it’s “legacy license plates,” including the yellow-with-black-lettering of the 1956 to 1962 issue years, the-black-with-yellow-lettering of 1963 to 1969, and the blue-with-yellow-lettering of 1969 to 1986.

However, the DMV stated that it wouldn’t begin re-making any of the plates until it has received 7,500 pre-orders for each by Jan. Orders for the black plates flooded in, and the DMV’s plate manufacturer is warming its presses.

Over half of the youth population state they have dated or had an ongoing relationship with someone outside their race.

The Loving Way Mildred and Richard Loving didn’t intend to make history when they married each other, but when they were each sent to a year in prison for violating a law that prohibited black and white marriage, their appeal to the US Supreme Court unanimously determined the prohibition of interracial marriage was unconstitutional.