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29-Sep-2017 20:45

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Before I get into giving you technology to outdo (and do) women at their own game, ask yourself these questions: This is called flaking.

And any dude who has experienced this more than a couple of times can smell its imminent arrival even as he’s asking out a girl.

Isotopic fractionation of stable carbon isotopes Carbon-13 (13C) and Carbon-12 (12C) refers to the fluctuation in the carbon isotope ratios as a result of natural biochemical processes as a function of their atomic mass (Taylor, 1987).

Variations as such are unrelated to time and natural radioactive decay.

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The lab also provides δ13C measurements NOT in conjunction with C14 analysis except for water samples.It is common practice in Carbon-14 laboratories to correct radiocarbon activities for sample fractionation.The resultant ages are termed “normalized”, meaning the measured activity is modified with respect to -25 o/oo (per mille) with respect to VPBD.We only started dating in January and will be getting married this August. Another cool thing about the strategies in Seduction On Steroids is that they are "evergreen"…

But after all the pursuing I'm 110% sure she is the right one. which means that they will always work as long as humans (and not robots or aliens) live on planet Earth. simply because a woman's psyche is hard-wired to respond to this stuff.

(and) which techniques in the system worked well for me.

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