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08-Feb-2018 06:51

If one of these users executes malicious content, the attacker may be able to perform privileged operations on behalf of the user or gain access to sensitive data belonging to the user.

For example, the attacker might inject XSS into a log message, which might not be Type 0: DOM-Based XSS In DOM-based XSS, the client performs the injection of XSS into the page; in the other types, the server performs the injection.

So lets spend some time discussing XSS, what it is, how it is exploited and how to prevent XSS vulnerabilities. In fact, if you simply write PHP in a way that feels intuitive, you will almost certainly write an XSS vulnerability into your code.

Thankfully XSS vulnerabilities are also very easy to recognize. If you include this code in a Word Press plugin, publish it and your plugin becomes popular, you can have no doubt that a security analyst will at some point contact you reporting this vulnerability.

If your application is hosted at https://example.com/a site visitor might visit the following URL: https://example.com/test.php?

From an perspective, the optimal place to inject malicious content is in an area that is displayed to either many users or particularly interesting users.

Interesting users typically have elevated privileges in the application or interact with sensitive data that is valuable to the attacker.

It looks for possible entry points for an attack against the system.

There is no port scanning, packet sniffing, password hacking or firewall attacks done by the You can think of the work done by the tool as the same as the QA testers for the site manually entering all of these strings into the form fields.URLs constructed in this manner constitute the core of many phishing schemes, whereby an attacker convinces a victim to visit a URL that refers to a vulnerable site.

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