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The i Pad can use its built-in camera as a webcam for apps running on the device.A traditional computer can borrow the i Pad's camera stream like a webcam with the assistance of an app as well.First, the i Pad doesn't have a USB port for physically connecting the webcam.Secondly, even if you could attach a webcam to the i Pad's Lightning connector, webcams don't come with software drivers for the i OS operating system -- nor would there be a way to install them if such drivers did exist.You can use your Android device as a PC webcam by downloading the Smart Cam app and desktop client.The app works in Windows and Linux, and you can connect it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.He is a web developer for a communications company and previously worked in television.Stone received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a Master of Arts in communication studies from Northern Illinois University.

The original i Pad did not have a built-in camera, but all models from the i Pad 2 on are equipped with at least one camera.

If you want to connect a webcam to your i Pad, the news is both good and bad.

While it's not possible to directly connect a webcam to an i Pad, the i Pad does include two high-definition cameras which can be used as webcams.

For example, the orientation should be set to landscape or portrait mode depending on how the tablet is positioned and framing the video feed.

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Tap the "Start server" button in the IP Webcam app window and tap the "How to connect" button to get the Android device's broadcast information.If you're looking to use a webcam with your computer, you can use the i Pad's camera for the job with the assistance of a third-party app.