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"I'm ’bout to kill this guy right here, the old dude." A chime sounds, reminding him that he’s left the keys in the ignition.He ignores it, and heads across the street to confront the man. Less than a minute: That’s all it takes to broadcast a cold-blooded homicide to thousands of people around the world.Experienced CNC personnel can enroll in any of the CNC Certificates courses they choose to upgrade their skills. A score of 70% or better is required to receive a certificate for each course.

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And though murders have been captured by witnesses on Facebook Live—and people have even been killed as they were streaming to the service—this appears to be the first time a killer has streamed themselves preparing to commit a homicide, and then uploading the act itself, as happened earlier today.

Elusive after the catch showing the ability to make a defender miss with a quick change of direction.