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4800-3500 BC in Moldavia and the Ukraine; the Butmir culture in Bosnia, c.

These items were typically considered to be "curiosities of art history with no standard method of description and interpretation" (Bánffy 20). As Gimbutas remarked, "I saw thousands of figurines lying in boxes in museum storerooms, completely ignored and not understood" (personal communication).

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For the men are not jealous; none of them identifies his descent with that of his father, but rather with that of his maternal uncle; only the sister's sons inherit... Cuoq 197)s Tuaregs and Moors, as a strange and exotic figure.

Examples of long-lived Old European societies include the Sesklo culture in Thessaly and southern Macedonia from c. No one before Gimbutas had systematically analyzed the rich symbolic imagery from Neolithic southeast Europe.